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Wateen Connector v2.0 - For Wateen Telecom Consumers!
Old 05-25-2009, 10:02 PM
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Post Wateen Connector v2.0 - For Wateen Telecom Consumers!

Wateen Connector for Pakistan's Wateen Telecom Consumers
Wateen Telecom is a Internet Service Provider in Pakistan, its a new venture of Warid Telcom - Wateen Telecom established one of the largest country-wide WiMAX Network in the world!

Wateen Connector v2.0 is a utility created by the team of CyberPK - it was created on request of a loyal user but then i myself have experienced the same problem - so it came to the mind that if 1 or 2 users could be facing this problem, than others might be as well.

Many people have tried implementing their own methods but i would just like to say that if a certain method works for you then you should just stick to it - otherwise you are welcomed to give Wateen Connector a try.

I have been hearing concerns about users and their account details and i can assure you there is no way that the application is sending any account details via internet - The thing it does is save your password to a text file in your computer - that is one of the purpose of this application to relief you of the stress to keep logging in by typing down your details every turn, which is quite cumbersome to many.

If you are concerned about your security with application that you maybe use a good firewall and see if this application is sending any information / packets to an out-going website.

Below is a glimpse of the application in action - we would like to hear from you about Wateen Connector and if or not it helped you.

Wateen Connector lets you log into your Wateen Services as you usually do.
The extra features that you get is that Wateen Connector allows you to Monitor your internet connection and if it goes down it will let you know about it, and will ask if you like to keep monitoring it.

If you set monitoring on you will be notified as soon as you disconnect or get connected - Wateen Connector also has a Auto-Login feature that logs you into your Wateen Account easily and effortlessly!.

Wateen Connector now lets you chat with other Wateen users using the chat services implemented on our website. One of the useful features that we added was the ability to view your bandwidth usage from the application.

What others are saying about Wateen Connector

Wateen Connector on greenNwhite
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